Our customers Love Us

  • "You have been wonderful to work with, and your team has been very professional at each and every single shift."

    Jimmy, General Manager
  • "We never knew how good valet could be."

    JB, Manager
  • "It has been a pleasure working with Chris and his crew. All his guys are team players."

    Dino, Owner

Extravagante Valet proudly provides care-free, professional, and safe valet services for establishments of all sizes, independent, corporate, and private. We have successfully grown throughout the years by word of mouth and by delivering trustworthy, and reliable valet services. Our personnel are second to none and we are confident we will be an asset to your establishment and a valuable resource for your event.

Our Mission:
“Service is the lifeline of any organization. Everything flows from it, & is nourished by it. Service is not a department, it’s an attitude!!”

Detroit Valet - Serving Michigan

Metro Detroit's Premier Valet Parking Company since 1993.

Detroit Valet is a division of Extravagante Valet that operates in the Metro Detroit area.
We pride ourselves as the Premier Valet Parking Company for:

  • Private Events & Parties
  • Country & Golf Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Holiday Parties
  • Convention Centers & Corporate Events
  • Weddings
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Steel City Valet - Serving Pennsylvania

Extravagante Valet has been serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities within a 50-mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh PA since January 2008.

In and around Pittsburgh, we currently provide daily services for establishments in the downtown, Shady Side, Station Square, South Side, and Mt. Lebanon areas. In Pittsburgh, we have a unique market with many new and exciting services to offer!

We offer complete valet parking, concierge, designated driver, coat check, and parking management services. With over 22 years is in the industry we employ only the most personable and professional attendants. Contact us for your special events, parties, hotel service, restaurant, and night club valet service needs. We'll build a service to fit your needs and beat any competitor's quote.

Valet parking for restaurants, night clubs, hotels, shopping venues, country clubs and private events. Vehicle Detail at many fine establishments near you!

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Services & Staffing

Extravagante Valet Inc. attendants understand that we are the first and last people your guests will encounter. We know how important it is to leave them with a good impression of your establishment or event. Extravagante Valet Inc. takes pride in putting forth extra effort with our services by opening the door of your establishment for guests as they arrive and depart, assisting guests out of their vehicles, or helping guests with any packages they might have, etc. It's exactly this type of service that gets noticed and leaves your guests with an experience that exceeds their expectations.
Extravagante Valet Inc. is ready to assist you with any type of parking situation you might have, with little or no notice of initial hire. Our professional staff will create a friendly, positive atmosphere for your valet parking needs.

  • We can assist with any Valet Service need

    Formal Events,
    Night Clubs,
    Sporting Events,
    Private Parties,
    Country Clubs,
    Red Carpet Service,
    City Operations,
    Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
    Coat Check,
    Self-Parking Planners,
    Charity Events,
    Banquet Halls,
    Grand Openings,
    Corporate Events
    Resorts & Hotels,
    Office Buildings,
    Traffic Controllers,
    Doorman Service,
    Shuttle Service,
    Substitute Staffing

  • Exclusively specializing in Private functions for Residential or Business
    Throughout the years, Extravagante Valet Inc. has serviced over 500 contracted events and private parties in the Pittsburgh and metropolitan Detroit areas, with the attending volume of 1,000 or more guests arriving and departing at the same time. Overstaffing is imperative and a must for any type of function. This company policy will insure top-notch valet service for every one of your guests attending.
    Every Extravagante Valet Inc. attendant will be fully uniformed with company attire, in compliance to season. Valet attendant uniforms may be personalized at your request.
    Extravagante Valet Inc. will be supplying the following, two-way C.B. radios (if needed), reflective pylons for traffic control, portable custom key box for car key origination, umbrellas or snow scrapers (when needed).
    We also supply your function with a visible top of the line valet sign for any type of occasion. Valet signs may be personalized at your request.
  • What we provide to you
    Extravagante Valet Inc. will be providing your establishment with the following materials.
    - Top of the line windjammer valet signs with your establishment''s logo imprinted.
    - A customer handcrafted portable key box or a blue tone steel key box that can be mounted almost anywhere at your establishment.
    - A two-way radio CB system (if necessary) for high volume events. Communications can be made by either our valet attendants or your establishment''s staff.
    - Professional uniforms for all types of climate, with Extravagante Valet Inc. logo embroidered on all types of company attire.
    - Reflective orange pylons for traffic control.
    - Company issued umbrellas and snow scrapers.
    - Numbered 2-part ticket system for organization of keys.
    - Vehicle lock out kit.
    - A custom made Extravagante Valet Inc. comment box (for customer input and suggestions).

  • About our staff
    Extravagante Valet Inc. carefully selects individuals who represent our company and full time employment is a must. This will avoid any conflict of interest with other employers that our employees might have. Prior to being hired as an Extravagante Valet Inc. employee, the individual must pass a written and driving test after studying the company handbook. This procedure will ensure quality service from the start of employment.
    A copy of every employee’s M.V.R. driving record is received directly from the Department of Motor Vehicles to verify a clean valid driver’s license before being hired.
    Extravagante Valet Inc. parking attendants are fully bonded and insured. Each valet is uniformed with a custom fit wrinkle-free black suit pant, black running shoes and a company issued jacket for the winter and fall months (with an Extravagante Valet Inc. embroidered logo). Spring and summer uniforms consist of a custom fit black suit pant, black running shoes, and a company issued short-sleeved polo shirt (with an Extravagante Valet Inc. embroidered logo).
    Our well-groomed valets also wear custom name tags and carry snow scrapers and umbrellas for your guests (when needed).
  • Staff Management
    All scheduling is coordinated by the owner of the company. Overstaffing is imperative when starting a new account not only to provide hassle free service, but also to assess future manpower requirements. Extravagante Valet Inc. does not believe in rotating and switching manpower from account to account. This company policy ensures a more personalized service between your guests and the establishments’ staff.
    Evaluation of services will be conducted by Extravagante Valet Inc. supervisors every month. Any changes will be subject to approval by the establishment. This policy will insure A+ valet service at all times.
    Extravagante Valet Inc. has constructed a call/confirm program to avoid tardiness or missed shifts. Upon arrival, a detailed description of each valet’s work duties is given plus an attendant confirmation code.
    It is each valet’s responsibility to fill out an Extravagante Valet Inc. audit sheet before and after each shift. This form will also be presented to the management on duty for a sign out signature. This policy will ensure appropriate dismissal time.
    The valet will check in upon arrival and check out with management before departing. All of our attendants carry cell phones or pagers for constant communication with Extravagante Valet Inc. coordinators.
  • Training
    All employees must endure a 60-day probationary period where they are under constant supervision and critiqued on proper valet performance. During the probationary months, the individual will work exclusively with the general managers and the owner of the company at a low volume account until they successfully perform their skills in a professional manner.

What Sets Us Apart

We are a team of professionals devoted to making Extravagante Valet Inc. #1 in the valet parking industry. As you know, image plays a major role in the success of any business. Extravagante Valet Inc. can ensure that your guests attending your establishment will begin and finish their experience on an excellent note. We are passionate about our work and take great pride in WHAT WE DO! We are committed to providing our clients with nothing but superior service while maintaining your establishment’s image.

Extravagante Valet Inc. has the experience and manpower to provide you with just that kind of service. Our valet attendants are excellent drivers, uniformed from top to bottom, as well as professional, polite, and well-groomed. Our parking attendants are fully insured and bonded. In addition we supply our valet parking operations with professional custom signs, reflective cones, steel key boxes, as well as umbrellas, for your guests on rainy days, snow scrapers for the winter months are just a few enhancements to our valet service.

Our OwnerExtravagante Valet Inc. was established in February 1993 in the city of Birmingham, Michigan hosting valet services for four star restaurants, premier night clubs, private parties, and contracted accounts that are open 7 days a week. Over the past 23 years, we have provided valet parking services exclusive for many clients on a full time basis. We are a customer service focused company and it is our goal to treat every customer as a top priority.

In January 2008, building on the successes in our Metro Detroit market, we expanded to Metro Pittsburgh and those communities within 50 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. - Valet parking for restaurants, night clubs, country clubs, private parties.
- Self-parking.
- Flat Surface parking on Duquesne.


Our Vision

Leadership is practiced not so much in words, but as in attitude and in actions.

You cannot be a success in any business without believing that it is the greatest business in the world. You have to put your heart in the business, and the business in your heart.

To Extravagante Valet Inc., standards are always out of date. That''s what makes them standards. To be successful you definitely have to stand out, no matter who you are. You have to make a noticeable difference, you have to be AMAZINGLY DIFFERENT and We Are!

Detroit Valet

Over 23 Years of Outstanding Service
Ranked Top 5% Valet Companies in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Fully Insured & Bonded - Our insurance coverages includes:
Garage Keeper's, Public Liability, Auto/Theft/Collision, Workmen's Compensation

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Detroit Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1161 Birmingham, MI 48012

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